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Sinan Tanker&Trailer Metal Shipping Industry Trade Limited Company continues to generate trust as a company that has left behind many years in its sector, which dates back to 1982.

Our company, which is one of the pioneers of the sector, is proud to be with you with its more professional approach based on continuous improvement, superior service, and more expert employee policy.

Sinan Tanker, who knows no boundaries in its services in the constantly developing fuel sector, is experiencing the happiness of being in the first place in the sector with its expert trained staff and engineer staff with the importance it attaches to R&D studies. Our company, which registered its products and quality with TSE, EN ISO 3834 - 2 Quality Certificate for Melting Welding of Metallic Materials, VEHICLE TYPE APPROVAL, BRAND REGISTRATION, WPS, WPAR, HYB, E Warranty, SSHYB, and exports to many countries abroad with ISO 9001 2008 certificate day by day, it renews itself by increasing its product portfolio and production rate and serves with all kinds of Fuel Tankers, Trailer, Semi-Trailer, Product Storage Boilers, Water Sprayers, Firefighting vehicles.

Taking important steps towards becoming a WORLD brand, our company continues to export by registering its quality with ADR ON-VEHICLE, ADR SEMI-TRAILER, and TRAILER TANK DESIGN.

Our company, which always aims to do better in meeting the changing world technology and increasing need, will try to be with you, our valued customers, by producing quality and trust like the first day.


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